Bow for it


 I have an unhealthy obsession with bows, here is a few edits that I've coveted from online. 


one. These shoes are such a classic shape, I wish they come in different colours! And the price is such a steal at £13.50. 

two. This coat comes in such an adorable sky blue, I would style it with OTK boots or faux leather leggings. It looks almost identical to this Modaoperandi coat and for 10% of the price!

three. I absolute adore pink, this is the most gorgeous shade of pink, like cherry blossom colour! 

My favourite way to style a blouse like this will be to wear skinny jeans, and a Chanel-sque jacket. 

four. I started to have a resort shopping list, ready for my next trip to Lisboa and Hong Kong. As a family we had decided to move to Lisbon, I also started to day dream living in summer clothes only!

five. This bag has a huge bow with an amazing price tag. The vinyl finish had made it very edgy, I will sweetened it up with a pink sweater and pleated mid skirt. 

six. bow cuffs, need me say more? Such a versatile asset for my wardrobe to brightened up any boring outfit. 

seven. Of course, matching cuffs and collar!

eight. I love teaming socks with heels, an unexpected hint for an elegant outfit, also it is very inexpensive to change up the same outfit. 

nine. I am in love with this raincoat, so versatile, being multi functioning, can go for work do to evening wear dressing. Did I say it's water resistant? 


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